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First Mates & Quartermasters

There are two main characters in the collection, First Mates & Quartermasters.

First Mates have a 1,25x multiplier in yield compared to Quartermasters.

However, you will need both to build a team and to be able to progress through the game. There are several benefits to building full teams in Reavers.

4990 First Mates and 4990 Quartermasters exist in the collection.


1/1s have the ability to act as either a First Mate or a Quartermaster when building teams. They also have a 1,75x yield multiplier compared to Quartermasters. 20 1/1s exist in the collection.


Every 1/1 and First Mate have the option to rescue one crew each through a rescue mission on Island 1. This means that up to a maximum of 5010 Crews can exist.

Crews act as a yield multiplier on plunders, giving either one solo Reaver +10% yield, or a full team (First Mate + Quartermaster) +10% yield.

Crews also have to be paired with a First Mate + Quartermaster in Battles in order for a player to start the battle.

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