🧭Raids & Battle Boosters

Choose your weapon!

To significantly increase your chances of progressing to new islands, you must obtain battle boosters, and the only way to do this is by completing Raids.

Each island has various raids, each earning you a specific battle booster that is essential to boost your success rate in that island's battle.

If you complete a raid, you earn battle boosters. If you fail a raid, you earn gems which you can trade for items.

On Island 1, you can acquire a total of three battle boosters. On Island 2, there are two battle boosters to obtain.

Island 1

  • Jolly Roger Flag

  • Golden Compass

  • Boarding Axe

Island 2

  • Spyglass

  • Obsidian Cannon

When participating in raids, you have two options:


  • You'll pay the raid fee for one character.

  • You can earn a maximum of 1 booster.

  • The success rate of the character you send is the success rate for that raid.


  • You'll pay the fee for only one character.

  • You can earn a maximum of 2 boosters.

  • The success rate of your best character is the one used. This means that if you send a level 1 and a level 8 character together, the success rate of the level 8 character is used for the entire team.

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